My Hiatus and Kiera Cass

I have been on a little book sabbatical for the past few months and to tell the real honest truth, it has been a young adult book sabbatical.  I haven’t stopped reading, I just slipped over to the “dark side” for a few months to see the adult world.  I liked it.  I picked up a few adult novels (I am in my 40’s, I had to go home some time) and I really enjoyed characters who made stupid decisions and had their whole world affected by it without always getting the happy ending that my  young adult friends usually do.   I trampled into the world or erotica and found it to be a bit ….

Anyway, my point is, I haven’t stopped reading, just slipped into some different stuff.

Kiera Cass pulled me out of the rabbit hole and with the upcoming book “The Heir” I decided to go ahead and give another YA novel a try.  Only thing is, I finished all three of the previous books in a weekend.  It was kind of like The Batchelor, on steroids.  Not to compare it to “The Hunger Games” but there is some family duty and things happening against a young lady’s wishes.  She may not die, but of course put 35 females in a room to compete for one prince and that could be a bloodbath waiting to happen.  Of course, it didn’t happen that way, but there is “girl drama” and a bit of mystery and some kingdom saving.  There are rebels, and family secrets discovered, public shaming and some boy meets girl scenes that are just sweet.

I have thought about letting this blog go, simply because my interest in genre’s has changes but,  just can’t.  I may be posting less but I enjoy a good YA and I have some unfinished series that I need to finish.

Happy Wednesday!


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