Oceanswept Set Me Sailing

Oceanswept by Lara Hays

stuborn/even more stuborn
Love/ at first sight

A hurricane brought them together and no storm (natural or human) could keep them apart.

Tessa is traveling with her father, an admiral in the British Navy to St. Kitt. A hurricane in the middle of the ocean quickly turns deadly, destroying the ship and its crew. Tessa awakens on a strange ship, the lone survivor an in the company of the dashing, Nicholas Holladay, a young pirate. “Marks”, as his friends call him, develops a strong connection to Tessa which begins a swashbuckling ( I have always wanted to say that) adventure.

This book was fun to read. I started it on the plane to Chicago and finished it the next night in my hotel room.
Predictable? Yes, but not in a boring way. You can see the love that Nicholas has for Tessa by the way he protects her before he even gets to really know her. He puts his life on the line, cuts deals, lies and causes mutiny.

It’s Tessa, that has to realize who she is and what she wants ,now that her life has been turned upside down. Conforming to a life that she never would have spoken about in the parlor at home, Tessa is faced with hard lessons. She is an orphan. No longer able to be the “debutante” she has always been, she will have to make some decisions based on what she knows about pirates, and what she discovers about Nicholas.

A survival story that shows how strong first love can truly be.



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