Catching Myself

Since September, I have been in a whirlwind trying to connect to my new job, recovering from my old job and creating a place in the world for me. In the past twelve months I have been teacher librarian at an elementary and high school, youth services librarian at the public librarian and now, academic librarian in the public university system. My husband and I have had one of our sons graduate from college, preparing another for college in less than two years and I have “inadvertently” become a soccer mom for our youngest.

Looking back at 2014, we have been a busy but blessed family. Let’s do it again!

Here are some things that I did learn from the past year.

1. Change is inevitable, ride the wave or get crushed by it.
My brief transition from elementary school to high school was a fantastic experience. We created a vision of what we wanted it to look and feel like and made it happen. The media specialist that I was working with wasn’t afraid to create a space for the “new” library student. We weeded (and boy did we weed), rearranged furniture, created displays and even designed an art gallery. At the end of my time there we had ordered about $4000 worth of new books. I am so grateful to the principal, media specialist and staff who let me come in and “takeover” their space for a few weeks.

2. All experiences CAN be good experiences. Learn from them.
When the part time job at the public library had to come to an end I was truly sad. I adored the people there. They gave me perspective. Working with students and working with the rest of the public are two different things. I learned how to make sure I assisted a person in a timely manner. Efficiency and the right questions can change a twenty minute investigation to a five minute fact finding mission. This has been a TREMENDOUS help in my new job.

3. Don’t change who you are to fit the climate you are in. Just put on a coat or take off a jacket.
When I started teaching I thought I would be one of those kindergarten teachers who taught for 40 years and wore apron dresses with apples (I don’t know why the apple is the symbol for teaching,that is a discussion for another day). Then one day I grew up. I looked at my true character and could not contain myself to just the twenty students in my class. I started looking at the impact that I needed to make on another level. I could not get comfortable with just kindergarten, I had to venture out and join committees in my school for change. My restlessness with the educational system created a advocate, trainer, and game changer within myself. Daily, I review my actions and make sure that my purpose is being fulfilled. I am always thinking about how I can make the library better for my students. My goal didn’t change, I adjusted it to fit my current situation. Some days, I put on a coat to create a place where I can gather thoughts and plan. Some days I take off a jacket and share my plans with the other’s in the game to make it happen.

I am grateful for all of these lessons and how they add to my new job.

I have used this blog to give book reviews and occasionally you hear a rant but, I may be changing focus a little this year. I will continue to do my book reviews but I need to dig deeper and I grow more.

Cultivate the soil and flowers will grow.


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