Why I Like Libraries

Why I like libraries

1.Checkout is fast and easy.
I strutted (yes, I did say strutted) into my local public library and within five minutes I had picked up a series and two standalone novels for the weekend. Sunglasses in hand, I slipped my card under the electronic “eye” to begin checkout. Then strolled past those who were standing in line. Looking like a boss, I smiled at the librarians there and said “have a nice day”. Those patrons didn’t know what hit them.

2.There is a smorgasbord of reading material waiting to be taken home.
I am deeply attracted to book covers. I do judge a book by its cover and an attractive cover gets my attention every time. Think about it, aren’t you more likely to buy the shoe if it is out of the box rather than wrapped in paper. I like my jackets to draw me in and hijack me until the book is complete.
There is an insurmountable collection for each genre and each genre has a few friends that support it (hello, fiction is not just fiction, psychology is not just psychology).

3.The people.
What can I say about librarians?
-We wear cardigans because the books must be at a certain temperature.
-We wear glasses, because authors like to change the font size (or type color).
-We wear our hair in a ponytail or bun to keep it out of our eyes (or we chop it off, like me).
-Our sense of fashion is sometimes a rainbow because we leave the house in a tizzy because we tried to finish the last chapter of our book just before leaving the house.
-We like books to be returned on time and in nice and neat because we know the next patron would appreciate the fact that you didn’t slather pizza grease between pages 235 and 236.
-They have the combined knowledge of the smartest person in the world and will find someone or some way to help you.

Show your library some love today!


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