I am back!

Not that I really went anywhere, but whew!  I have been busy with my great new job and believe it or not, had to cut back on my endless reading.  However, I haven’t given up on this blog and some of the great books that are out there.  I just thought I should share with you a few of the books that have come into my life since I last posted, and a brief (and I do mean brief) review of each to tickle your fancy.


City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare

Wow! On SO many levels. The bad first, this was a SUPER long book where you just want to say Alec, get over the fact that Magnus found you out and Magnus just forgive Alec so we can get on with the story. True teen love angst. The story picks up very well though. There are lots of “does he/she love me” stuff that we all go through, but also some great action scenes. I definitely see a future series, “Fairie Wars” coming soon. However, it was EXTREMELY long. This is a great read over a long weekend or break.

Edge of Eternity (Book 3 of the Century Trilogy) by Ken Follet

Edge of Eternity (Book 3 of the Century Trilogy) by Ken Follet

If you are a history buff(or not) this book will take you form 1963- the present.  Follow five families from around the world as they deal with The Cuban Missile Crisis, assassination of JFK ,MLK and Bobby Kennedy, tearing down the Berlin Wall and many other historical events.  The real gem of Follet’s trilogy is that if you read the first two(highly recommended) you develop a relationship with the characters and get their perspective on how many of these events happened.  I do, however, suggest you get a notebook to keep up with everyone because my brain was on fire trying to get all of the names straight.  A little rushed at the end but well worth the 1100+ pages!

Magnolia League by Katie Crouch

Magnolia League by Katie Crouch

The White Glove War : A Magnolia League Novel by Katie Crouch

The White Glove War : A Magnolia League Novel by Katie Crouch

The Magnolia League


Katie Crouch

It seems as if it took me an eternity to get to the good part of this book (page 190 something) then it took off!  Think of debutantes, never growing old, hoodoo, secret curses and spells and never leaving Savannah, Georgia.  Once into it I couldn’t get out.  Alex is a Californian hippie who grew up on a commune,  thrown into a world of  southern charm and hospitality.  While she thinks it is just “their way” of doing things in the South, she later finds that “their way” of doing things binds them to some traditions that cannot be undone.  I was excited to read the second book, The White Glove War.  It was intriguing and mysterious, two things I want in a good book.  However, that is where the story seems to end.  There is no book 3!  How can there be no book THREE!

So, as you see I have been a little busy and I am desperately looking for my next series, so until next time,

Happy Reading!


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