Hush, Hush Saga couldn’t keep me quiet

hush (2)

Last weekend, I was going on a four hour drive and decided to get an audio book to keep me company. As much as I love my children, I knew they would be wired to whatever device they decided to bring along so conversation with me was going to be limited. I ran into the public library and picked up Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. The first two hours of the story made me want to scream. I kept thinking of how much I wanted to kick Nora for being so secretive and shallow. I was screaming at the car speakers ” just tell him how you feel” and threatening to turn the story off. Then my teenage son said to me, “Mom, that’s how girls act. She is just trying to figure out things.” Which means that even though he had headphones on he was listening. (Yea!) As the story progressed my interest did also. As the series progressed I became engrossed.  I even purchased Silence on audio book so I could listen to it while I worked on cataloging some books in the library (nice distraction).

Here is a recap.

Nora is an average high school student whose father has been murdered (it happened about a year prior to our story). She and her best friend Vee are in Biology class about to go over the topic of Sex Ed, when the teacher decides to give everyone new partners. Of course, Nora gets the aloof, dangerous-looking, Patch.  He is so much more then she bargained for. He is all that, and knows it. Nora’s first impression of him is that he is a jerk, but she is drawn to him. when she has an “outer body” experience on a roller coaster, Nora finds that there is something mysterious about Patch and she and her friend Vee must do some investigating. The secrets that Patch hold are no match for our mere mortal minds. He is an angel. He has fallen. He wants more.

Patch seems to be everything that his bad boy image shows until Nora finds out who he really is and they plunge into a world of fallen angels, archangels and Nephilim.  I may have been screaming in the car to hurry and get the story over, I became so captivated that I finished the series in a week.  Nora made me want to drag her by her hair because of her jealousy many times, but I think that is what made her character so believable. This is a story of the fight between good and evil and at times the lines between the two seem to be blurred. A good story of how mistakes have consequences and how love , true love can outweigh all of the bad.

Throughout the “saga” you find very real teenage issues and emotions. Prevalent is jealousy, anger, love, fear and best of all friendship. Those are all good qualities in a book. The characters are not shallow (except sometimes Vee, but that is her personality)they have real issues and Fitzpatrick makes sure that she develops them well. You will laugh(or scream) at Nora’s indecisiveness. You will want to throw dirt at Marcie for being so… Marcie. And Patch… well he is just Patch. If you get through the first book you will definitely enjoy the other three. The story line gets better and the characters are much more developed. Don’t give up on this one early. You will be pleasantly surprised


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