Challenge Met! SteamPumped for Steampunk, Feeling fishy for Syrena and Levitated with Leviathian

I did it!  Completed five novels in just seven days. Lots of sleep was lost and I no longer know the difference between day and night, but I was so thrilled to finally get to the end of Leviathan that I could scream!  and I did just that, SCREAMED!  My cat was the only one in my house phased by my outburst but I think that is because I woke him from a deep sleep.



I practically fell into Victorian London with Kady Cross’s Steampunk Chronicles

These stories were pure delight.  No “oh save me, i don’t know what to do, does he love me?” crap with these girls.  They all have good heads on their shoulders and special powers to prove their badness.  Being the troupe that hangs and fights crime with Griffin King, Duke of Greythorne who has his own “special abilities” with unlimited resources and money, The Steampunk Chronicles will not disappoint when it comes to adventure.  All of the characters (friends) have their own appeal and love stories blossom all around.  A great read!

corset (2)  clockwork (2)emily (2)windup (2)



The Syrena Legacy by Anna Banks

This is definitely NOT Ariel’s undersea adventure.  First of all, our “mermaid” is a “merman” and they do not like to be called that.  Syrena is the preferred name of our finned friend and Galen’s quest is for the one who possesses the “gift of Poseidon”.  His search leads him to a beach in Destin, Florida (I’ve been there several times!) where tragedy leads to discovery.  Emma has no idea that her simple life as a high school student to one that make her undergo a great change personally and physically (somewhat).  The big picture is never clouded, the survival of all Syrena is at stake and it is up to Galen and Emma (and the decisions they make).

images (2)

I was pleasantly surprised that my female characters this week were not weak at all.  Authors often times make them have the “depending on a man” or “floundering” personality.  None of these ladies did.  They were all strong.  They had their faults, yes, but I enjoyed each book.  

Happy Reading!


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