My Last Kiss by Bethany Neal

As you know I am normally a sci-fi, fantasy, fairy-tale fruit loop, but I recently got an Advanced Reader copy of My Last Kiss by Bethany Neal and it was a nice change of direction. Here is my review in 200 words or less.

There are events in our lives that we vividly remember and cherish. For Cassidy Haines, her first kiss with boyfriend, Ethan is insurmountable. But what about your last? Cassidy is dead (this is no spoiler) and the events leading up to her death will uncover some dirt that will be hard to clean up. Stepping outside of her human body into a ghostly form, she will be forced to remember the events that led up to her fatal birthday party. Betrayal, heartbreak and damaging friendships are revealed as Cassidy puts the pieces together to uncover what really happened, while also trying to protect the one boy she will love forever. Was her last kiss as sweet as the first? Or better yet, who did she give it to?

As a reader, be prepared to sit this one through. There are a lot of scene changes, so pay attention to the details. The beauty of this book is that it takes real world problems and creates a believable story (except of course, the ghost part).




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