Hungry satisfied my palete

As I read this book I began to think to myself.  The future is not going to be saved by level headed adults.  No, it will be average-looking teenage girls.  She may be privileged or poor but one thing is for sure, her parents love each other.  Which gives her the feeling of what love is.  Whatever life she has lead so far has been good by her standards and those around her have tried their best to live in harmony.

Think of the books that have surfaced in the past few years.

Hunger Games series

Divergent Series

Lunar Chronicles (love, love!)

Birthmarked Series (try this one, I liked it)

Twilight Saga

and the list goes on.



Hungry is no different.  Our female in despair, however in this case is a privileged youth and there are a few twists and turns that may keep your attention.  It was slow going at the beginning, but I am happy to say that I did warm up to it. This book may not be as “tasty” as some of the other series out there but as a standalone novel, it has some “bite” to it. There is a love story, a reality check and a few ,”you can’t be that dumb” moments, but when I got past page 90, the story took off.  Read my brief review to see if it will leave a sweet taste in your mouth.


It is the future and food is gone. Due to the wars, food has been eliminated and people in The Loop

live happily with their daily nutritional supplements and controlled lives. Humanity has become more

materialistic and flashy to keep its citizens happy It is a controlled society where everything is digital,

even the trees and flowers are synthetic, there is no want. Until Thalia’s stomach begins to grumble,

and she meets Basil, another who has had the same experience as her. They begin to look for some


Hungry is about more than food. It takes the most basic human needs and shows that they cannot be

controlled in a lab. As parts of society conform to the authorities, there is also the Outer Loopers who

don’t always get the nutrition or care they need. Thalia and Basil find that there are flaws in every system

but they continue to look for the truth, even if it starts an uprising and separates loved ones. For these

two (and others they pick up on the way), they must satisfy their “hunger”, and they won’t stop until it is




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