Dorothy Must Die: Yes, that Chick from Kansas


Think of the fairy tale Land of Oz , with its yellow brick road and “off to see the wizard” sing songiness ( I know that is not a word).  Tin Man gets a heart, Scarecrow gets a brain, Lion gets some courage and Dorothy makes it back to Kansas.  Everyone lives happily ever after.  Until… Dorothy decides to come back.

This is a new story and a different Kansas. Auntie Em has been replaced by a depressed mother who pops pills to ease her pain and the farm is now Dusty Acres Trailer Park.  Amy Gumm or “Salvation Amy” is always one step away from trying to pack up her miserable life.  Then the tornado comes, mom leaves and she is swept away (trailer and all) to an Oz that is not so merry.  Dorothy has returned to Oz and all that was beautiful is no more.  The Tin Woodsman is the head of the army, the Scarecrow has turned into a mad scientist and the Lion, well, he knows everything that happens everywhere.

Amy is now in a land where the good is evil and the evil is… well, let’s say working on making things better. She must save Oz from Dorothy’s evil reign, to do that she must unlock the magic inside of herself.  Many things and people will confuse her along the way and many of them tell her not to trust anyone.  One thing however, is prevalent… Dorothy must die.

 The title of this book did not appeal to me.  I liked my Oz the way it is. Once I got started however, I couldn’t stop.  It starts as your typical “poor girl/ popular girl” tragedy, but I love what Paige does to the “ popular girl”.  The beginning of the story is one that is real in many small towns and I think that is what attracted me to it.  You feel sorry for Amy and you want a better life for her.  Job well done, Danielle Paige.  Despite the title (or maybe it was the title), I enjoyed this book and can’t wait for the sequel.


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