Get “Bewitched” with some Fractured Fairy Tales

A few years back, I picked up an Advanced Reader copy of Beastly at ALA.  This was my first big library conference so aside from just being syked about going, I was on cloud nine when people just started handing me free books.  What is this!  I have died and gone to librarian heaven however, contrary to many of my colleagues, I was very stylish and NOT wearing a cardigan, glasses or my hair in a bun.

On the flight home I read Beastly.  Wow, talk about Beauty and the Beast with a twist.  This book had all of the street, urban and current workings of a fairy tale told in modern times.  It was relatable to teens but also had the flair of fairy tale that takes you to the believable world of fairy tale fate.

Recently, I came across Alex Flinn’s novel Bewitching: The Kendra Chronicles and was just entertained.  When you read Beastly, you know the end but does anyone ever wonder what happened to the witch?  Well, thanks Ms. Flinn for giving us the Kendra update!  Bewitching is Kendra’s tale on how she became a witch, some of her adventures (and misadventures) all told while trying to assist a girl with a stepsister problem.  You will laugh at some of the antics, smile at her involvement with trying to hook up a French prince and have your heart warmed at how she helps a girl find love for the first time.  It was very enjoyable.  While Kendra didn’t always get it right the first time her heart was really in the right place.  Her desire as a witch was to help people not hurt them.  Sometimes it didn’t always turn out the way she expected but that is what you get when working with mere mortals, right?  It took her 300 years but Kendra has stayed true to her purpose, be a better witch than her teacher.  Remember that old crone with the gingerbread house? Hmm, think on that.

Here are some other Fractured fairy tales that I have read by Alex Flinn that you may also enjoy.


beast bewitch


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