Finding Your Teacher Identity

Designer Librarian

Public. Academic. School. Special. All librarians are teachers.

Do you think of yourself as a teacher or a librarian? Or do you see yourself as a librarian who also teaches? What do your non-librarian colleagues think? How do they perceive your role as a teacher vs. your role as a librarian?

Self-identifying as a teacher is an important part of taking on the teaching role.The concept of teacher identity is derived from work by Lave and Wenger on identity in learning. They have suggested that identity in learning comes from gaining new knowledge and skills, as well as participation within a community of practice. In this sense, learning to become a teacher (and self-identifying as a teacher) comes not only from learning how to teach – whether formally or informally – but also how you practice that teaching within an organization, and how others perceive you as a teacher.

For librarians, teacher identity can be…

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