It’s Okay

This is no profound post. It isn’t going to get you hyped up about any particular book. I just wanted to say that it is okay to reread a series of books before you read the last.

I remember when I got the Harry Potter bug and read as if a bullet train was chasing me. Stood in line for what seemed like an eternity to buy the book, stayed up all night to finish the book, then let the satisfaction of another adventure settle over me. The bad part of that euphoria is the aftermath of waiting endless months (or possible a year) for the next book to come out. Oh dear!

I am here to say, “it is okay”. Reread that book (you purchased it anyway). You will probably get a new experience and if you are smart, take your time the second go round and savor the missed details from the previous 3am reading. Get to know the characters again, cry for the second time or jump for joy at the triumph… For a second time. Whatever you do, look at your second read as a preparation for the anticipated next book.

It’s okay.


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