I want to Escape To Mr.Lemoncello’s Library

Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein

Imagine never having a public library.  Think about not having story time or places to do research or even that microfilm monster of a machine.  Our public library offers us so many resources and after reading this book I began to think of how we take advantage of them.

The public library in Kyle’s town burned down twelve years ago, around the same time he and his friends were born.  After winning an essay contest, twelve kids are granted the opportunity to attend the grand opening of the NEW public library designed by their favorite board game designer, Mr. Lemoncello. You will find that Mr. Lemoncello is not your ordinary game maker (what what is an ordinary game maker?).  These kids get the lesson of a lifetime in this Willie Wonka-like adventure.  Don’t know much about the Dewey Decimal system?  Think that educational games are boring? How about playing them in a IMAX theater.   This book will take the reader on a memorable adventure.  I mean really, instructional holograms of some of history’s heroes.  What can beat that? With a series of challenges and puzzles these kids get to enjoy the library in a way that we can only imagine.  What really captured me was this fantasy library that could inspire, hook and take anyone by surprise at the turn of each page.  Not only does it take the reader on a trip through the library but it also teaches about friendship and how everyone has value.


One thought on “I want to Escape To Mr.Lemoncello’s Library

  1. Jennifer Underhill says:

    I loved this book, too, Pam! Joanna got an ARC of it last summer and loved it, and then I just read it last month and couldn’t put it down. I handed my copy to a 4th grade class to read aloud, and they have begged their teacher to skip lunch and keep reading! You can’t beat that.

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