Waiting for Magic is Magical

I finally sat down today to read. My plan was to spend the Labor Day weekend with a few good books but of course life often gets in the way.

Waiting for Magic by Patricia MacLachan is a sweet little read that intrigues it’s reader from the start. The inside cover says it all:
People may drift apart,
but love can hold them together,
Sometimes we find that love
through magic.

Sometimes that magic is all around us.

This is a story about all of these things.

But it’s also a story about how
four dogs
and one cat
help one boy
and his sister
save their family.

This was a nice neat little family story. MacLachan takes a situation that some families deal with often and brings these colorful little canine (and feline) characters to help deal with it. A father trying to find himself leaves his kids and wife to piece their lives together. Mom’s irrational decision takes the family to the animal shelter and a whole new experience.

Many smiles in this story, and I like a story that makes me smile because so many don’t. This is a nice story for kids because it offers hope, forgiveness, love and pets. The “magic” was not sparkly or glittery but you will see how it doesn’t always have to been seen by all. Sometimes magic is a personal thing that only the closest of families needs to experience.


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