Reading Frenzy

I sometimes get carried away during the summer to read like my feet are on fire.  I took a break from my sunshine State Young Readers Award book nominees to get caught up in a little young adult fiction (my real weakness).  I know that I must return to my assignment but we all take a little time to stop and smell the roses.

A few weeks ago, I completed Ender’s Game.  Since I was reading something else at the time I felt as if I wasn’t cheating by LISTENING to the book (I know, that is bad but…).  I became engrossed in this book and I am pretty sure that The Hunger Games had some influence on it’s revival.  A good influence.

 I always find it amazing at how authors take children and put them into adult situations and strip away everything that allows them to be children (even the adults in their lives) and craft a story that can be so captivating and draw us in, keep us there and possibly see an outcome that even adults don’t achieve.  That is the reason I prefer to read young adult novels.  Those authors are the most creative.

So, during this two week stint, I completed Ender’s Game, Cinder and am currently listening to Scarlet.  Cinder and Scarlet, by Marissa Meyer give an interesting take on our good old fairy tales Cinderella and Red Riding Hood, by crafting stories about cyborgs, an impending lunar war and missing grandmother.  Definitely worth the time to enjoy if you like fairy tales with a twist.  



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